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Please help us welcome our two new team members.  Dani is one of our Front Desk Coordinators, and Alley is our Sterlization Tech.  We are thankful to have them part of our Kaufman Orthodontic Family ! 





Congratulations Dr. Kaufman …you are an Elite Invisalign Provider

Invisalign has recognized Dr. Kaufman as an Elite Invisalign Provider.  This prestigious recognition of being an Elite Invisalign Provider only occurs to the top 5 % of all orthodontists.  Dr. Kaufman is one of three Elite invisalign providers in this area. Dr. Kaufman achieved this recognition by being exposed to a wide variety of teeth alignment, straightening issues and treating over 300 invisalign cases to date.   Dr. Kaufman is always striving to offer his patients the best treatment by participating in continuing education classes and furthering his education to give the best smiles possible.   Let Dr. Kaufman give you the smile of your dreams!  

Invisalign Provider Designations

Gerneral- To qualify as an Invisalign General Provider, the provider must perform at least ten Invisalign cases per year.  Ten isn’t a high number, which is why it’s relatively easy to earn the “General” distinction.  It indicates the provider has experience but doesn’t specialize in Invisalign.

Premier-An Invisalign Premier Provider has conducted a minimum of 50 total cases in their lifetime and continues to treat at least 25 cases every six months.  This distinction indicates that the provider is gaining experience and beginning to specialize in Invisalign. 

Preferred-An Invisalign Preferred Provider has treated at least 100 cases in their lifetime and continues to treat 50 cases each year.  This provider specializes in Invisalign and you can feel confident their skills are fresh.

*Elite*-An Invisalign Elite Provider will have treated over 300 patients with Invisalign.  Elite Providers must also continue to conduct minimum of 50 cases every six months.  This designation is very important.  Elite providers not only have a specialized skill set, but by treating over 300 cases, they’ve also been exposed to a wide variety of teeth alignment and straightening issues.  When you select an Elite provider, you can do so with confidence that they have the experience, expertise, and skills to give you the smile of your dreams! 



Mother's Day Contest Winner 2017

Congrats to our Mother's Day winner, Miss Lauren B !! Thank you to everyone who participated in our Mother's Day Contest .


Join in our Mother's Day Contest 2017

And the March Madness Winner for 2017 is....

Congratulations to Regina!!! She won our March Madness contest and earned 250 points on her Kaufman Express card. Way to go Regina. What a game that was last night!


March Madness Contest 2017

It's almost time to find out who the best of the best is in college basketball. We will have our annual contest where you will be able to fill out a bracket for March Madness. Be sure to look out for the upcoming email in regards to the contest, it will have the passwords. Click Here or the image below for the link to March

user name : DrBradleyKaufman

password: drkrocks

Madness 2017!!!

February School Visits

During National Children’s Dental Health Month in February, we went to visit our area schools.  We talked to the students about oral hygiene, nutrition, and safety. We covered all aspects of dentistry that apply to children, including what to expect at a dental visit.  We educated over 1,000 students this year and we had a great time!

This year we had a contest to create “What foods/drinks are good for your teeth and what is not"  fun poster.  The winning class wins a pizza party where we join them in the celebration.  All students receive a bag donated by Dr. Kaufman that contains items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, pencils, erasers, pencil sharpener’s, and rulers as well as patient education literature for parents.

Thank you to the entire teachers and students we love coming to your schools. 

Kaufman Orthodontics

Its your time us today and set  up a complintary evaluation!




Enter your name to win our summer fun filled basket of goodies it will end July 31 2016 !!!


Our Father's Day winner was Kristin B, dad!!!! We hope dad enjoys all the grill goodies ! Thank you to everyone that participated in our contest .