Invisalign Express®

We are proud to offer Invisalign Express treatment that can straighten those very mildly crooked front teeth at a cost and treatment time you can live with. Invisalign Express treatment is designed to use a small limited number, 10 sets or less, of active of upper and lower aligners only. Each set of aligner is worn 2 weeks, just like Full Invisalign, but for just 20 weeks or less. For many people, that is all it takes to correct that slightly less than perfect smile.

Invisalign Express is not considered full care orthodontics. It is designed specifically to be a cosmetic improvement for your front teeth only and only if the degree of movements needed is limited. The bottom line is that your teeth can only be moved so far in 10 stages of Invisalign or less. Any more than that, Invisalign is the answer.

We will be pleased to explain the differences, limitations and determine if Invisalign Express is right for you.

Call or request an appointment today to schedule your complimentary evaluation. You will never know if those crooked teeth in front are treatable with Invisalign Express until you visit us.