It seems as though everywhere you look there's another solution to straightening teeth. Online companies, DIY molds, even night time only aligners. But are these solutions reputable? Why are there so many choices? Do they even work? Are they safe?


Well technically, board-certified orthodontists are the only specialists entirely qualified and trained in the science of "moving teeth".

As far as education, orthodontists & dentists actually go through the same training initially. They obtain a Bachelors degree and in addition, graduate dental school receiving a DDS/DMD.


Orthodontists, however, spend 2-3 more years attending & graduating an orthodontic residency at a university accredited by the American Dental Association. In total it usually amounts to between 10&11 years of higher education to become an orthodontist.

The fact that the ADA requires this type of additional education speaks loudly to why it's so important to be seen by a professional who is properly trained, educated, and experienced when treating patients.

Your teeth are permanent and shouldn't be trusted to just anyone. Rest assured that at Lazzara Smiles you are in the hands of a true professional.