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Orthognathic Surgery - What is it and do I need it?

Updated: Apr 23

Many people think of orthodontics as simply just the straightening of teeth. However, depending on patient needs it can go much further than that. If the cause of the issue or issues are due to the jaw, then orthognathic surgery is sometimes recommended to the patient.

So what is orthognathic surgery?

In short, orthognathic surgery is the movement of either or both of the lower and upper jaw. The most common reason patients may opt for orthognathic surgery is to correct misalignment of bite function where the teeth do not meet properly. In addition, orthognathic surgery can improve the functionality of chewing, speech, breathing, and sometimes even sleep apnea!

In some instances, patients elect for orthognathic surgery for cosmetic reasons as well. Such as in situations where there is an overbite, underbite, retruded jaw, and even in some facial misalignment situations.

Dr. Lazzara is always taking in new patient consultations! If you feel as though your bite just isn't right or have questions in regards to potentially needing orthognathic surgery we would be glad to speak with you!

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