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Braces Treatment For The Rochester Community

Braces available in Rochster

Types of Braces

Discover the diverse range of braces available at Lazzara Smiles. Join Dr. Lazzara as he guides you through each option, highlighting the benefits suitable for your unique needs!

Braces on a child located in Rochester NY

Braces For Children

The American Association of Orthodontics (AAO) recommends that all children be seen by an orthodontist by age 7 to evaluate if and when orthodontic treatment may be needed. Click the video link below to learn more about why being seen at an early age is crucial

A teenager preparing for braces

Braces For Teenagers

Is your teenager hesitant to smile due to misaligned or crowded teeth? Their self-confidence and social interactions can be greatly influenced by their dental appearance! We often start orthodontic consultations for patients aged between 8 & 9 This is the ideal age to catch and address any orthodontic issues as their growth is still ongoing and jaw alignment can be adjusted with greater ease.

Adult male braces patient

Braces For Adults

While the thought of braces often conjures images of adolescents with metal brackets and wires in their mouths, the fact is that 25% of patients who seek some type of orthodontic treatment are over the age of 21. Generally, adults are highly motivated to improve their smiles and the overall health of their teeth and gums. Orthodontics has come a very long way since the days of tightening wires, and there are many different treatment options available today to minimize the appearance of braces.

Attaching Braces

Wire Sizes

Broken Wires

Reverse Curve Wire

Learn More About Braces

Believe in your smile

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