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"I thought Invisalign was facilitated online?"

While Invisalign certainly has a massive online presence, local partnerships with board-certified orthodontists ensure that patients are getting the proper treatment, monitoring, and attention they deserve! Your smile deserves the attention of one single doctor that knows your goals & personal treatment plan. At Lazzara Smiles, we deliver the type of in-person care that patients in Rochester have come to love and trust! 

"How Long Does Invisalign Treatment Take?"

Invisalign is for Teens Too!

Teenagers at Lazzara Smiles are estatic about Invisalign! Hear about Max's experience and how much he enjoyed Teen Invisalign treatment.

Why is Invisalign Right For You?

Orthodontist Dr. Lazzara, a Gold+ Invisalign provider and orthodontic industry leader, not only wants you to have the perfect smile you've always intended on having but also ensures that the treatment pathway to get there meets your personal goals and needs. If those goals include straightening teeth in a comfortable, discreet, and affordable manner- Invisalign at Lazzara Smiles is right for you! 




Invisalign aligners
patient putting Invisalign in their mouth
Invisalign Case

Invisalign is a Seamless Process

Watch as Dr. Lazzara explains the entire Invisalign process; all the way from your first consultation appointment to receiving your trays.

An Orthodontist explaining Invisalign

Experience Invisalign

More Predictable

By utilizing 3D scanning technology, Dr. Lazzara can uniquely capture every intricacy of your current smile, set specific parameters to correct your teeth alignment and actually show you in real-time what your new smile will look like!

An orthodontist treating for Invisalign

Maintain Your Lifestyle

Whether you're an athlete, a presenter, or someone who simply can't do without certain foods; Invisalign allows you to maintain your current lifestyle without getting in the way.

A patient wearing Invisalign

Customized For You

No smile is exactly the same! Invisalign is customized specifically for you to ensure that every one of your teeth has a specific course of movement. Periodic appointments and remote dental monitoring ensure that everything remains on track!

A patient looking at Invisalign in a mirror

Fast, Lasting Results

Depending on the individual's treatment plan, Invisalign treatment can be completed in as little as six months! During your initial consultation and return visits our staff can give you an idea of what kind of timeline to expect.

An orthodontist speaking about Invisalign

Invisalign at Lazzara Smiles

Invisalign vs Aligners

Invisalign Scanning

Receiving Invisalign

Invisalign Patient Review

Learn More About Invisalign

Believe in your smile

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