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Patient Testimonials

Aiden Completes Braces Treatment

Join us here as Dr. Lazzara shares the back story of Aiden's treatment and why it's one of our favorite transformations!

Aiden's Testimonial

Aiden recently completed his treatment and we absolutely love his results! Join us here as he shares his experience and how he feels about his smile now

Hear What Our Patients Have To Say!

Watch our latest video to explore how we transform smiles and boost confidence every day.

A huge thank you to our amazing patients for their glowing 5-star reviews, you keep us smiling!

Lauren's Before & After

We love seeing Lauren's beautiful smile! 😁

Lauren's "Before" photo shows her first day with braces on and how flexible orthodontic wires are to be able to straighten teeth in the exact way we need.

Great job with your treatment, Lauren!

Max's Testimonial

Hear from our patient Max about his experience at our office with Invisalign! Congratulations Max, we're so happy that you love your smile!

Mollie's First Look

One of the best parts of Orthodontics is seeing the "first look" reactions from our patients once they finish treatment. Mollie got her braces off recently and we absolutely love her first look!

Nathaly Getting Braces Off

Congratulations to Nathaly, one of our adult patients, for getting her braces off this week! Did you know that 1 in 5 people who wear braces are adults??? With new innovations within orthodontics to cut down on pain and to make braces less visible, more and more adults are opting to perfect their smiles!!!

Norah's Transformation

We love these before and after pictures of Norah's smile transformation! Congratulations, Norah! You did an awesome job with your treatment 🦷

Patient Reviews

We love our patients at Lazzara Smiles!

A smile is confident, artistic, unique to each individual and something that deserves the eye of an orthodontic specialist. Our goal is that every patient leaves our office believing in their smile. So when we hear that we've truly made a difference and exceeded expectations, we know we've done our job right!

Patient Testimonials

We love hearing from our patients that we've made a difference for them!

Patient's First Looks

"Magic mirror on the wall, who's the fairest one of all?" 🔍 We love when patients can't wait to see their new smile!

Tom's Testimonial

"When my bite was corrected, it was a world of difference that I didn't know was out there"

We congratulate our patient Tom as he finalizes treatment at Lazzara Smiles! Tom had a long journey, but his bite is now corrected and he's has a fantastic smile

Believe in your smile

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