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How Are Braces Applied To Teeth?

If you're new to orthodontic care or you've never had braces before the unknown can be frightening, especially for children! Knowing what to expect can go a long way in settling those first appointment nerves. So here is a very basic rundown of how all types of braces are usually applied:

1) Clean teeth are best - Just like when you go to your dentist, we clean your teeth first before putting your braces on. This is usually a multi-step process that "shampoos and conditions" your teeth so they are ready for the braces to stick to your teeth. Maintaining good oral health and hygiene is very important before and during braces treatment since your mouth has more ability to trap bacteria.

2) Brackets - Once the patient's teeth are clean enough for braces the orthodontist can proceed with attaching the brackets. Brackets are the metal or clear-looking "squares" that we cement/glue to the teeth. We set the brackets with a bright blue light called a dental curing light that bonds them onto the tooth. This is a pain-free process. These brackets act as mini-anchors that help guide each tooth to its final destination 😊⁣

3) Wires - Otherwise known as archwires, we attach wires to each of the brackets across the teeth. The wires are then held in place by little rubber bands called ligatures. These ligatures can be customized with different color variations!⁣

4) Rubber bands - An important component of moving teeth into the right position and getting your bite just right. We will show you how to attach your rubber bands to the brackets so that you can take the

m on and off when you eat or brush your teeth. Not wearing your elastics as prescribed may increase treatment times.

When you break it down individually it's not all that intimidating! As you come in for your follow-up appointments these are the different components we move and adjust in order to straighten your teeth! We'd love to answer any questions you may have! For more information or to schedule a consultation contact our office at 585-424-6400


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