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Are Straight Top Teeth The Most Important?

Many people think the benefits to straight teeth only reside with the look and aesthetics of a great smile and can be fooled into believing they don't require orthodontic treatment even though their bottom teeth are misaligned.

However, looks can be deceiving! Just like someone who seems healthy on the "outside" but in actuality is unhealthy on the "inside", so too can an individual's teeth be a cause for concern despite outward appearance.

A huge oversight in disregarding the alignment of bottom teeth is the importance of a synchronized bite. Over time, if teeth aren't fitting together to form a correct bite many oral health issues can arise. Some of which include; excessive teeth wear, tooth chipping, jaw problems, and an increased potential for cavities. All are major issues that can affect the way you eat and speak.

So next time you hear someone mention that they don't need orthodontic treatment because their top teeth are good enough, or even if that thought has popped into your head- just remember; Orthodontics is more than straight teeth! It centers around your overall oral health and ability to eat and speak normally as well


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