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The Danger of Hiding (Covering) Your Smile

Many people have been guilty of hiding their smile for one reason or another. Maybe due to a lack of self-confidence about a few misaligned teeth or maybe because they think something about their smile just doesn't seem quite right. Whatever the reason may be there is indeed a danger to consistently hiding your smile!

Many have coined a great smile as a superpower of sorts; making a person seem younger, happier, more confident, and more successful. And while perception isn't something we should envelop our lives around, sending the wrong signals can sometimes be damaging to our relationships; both personally and professionally.

Studies have shown that a confident smile can help predict a person's likability and competency and can also give insight into one's mood and overall well-being. By hiding your smile you could be sending the wrong body language signals to the people most important to you.

Whatever the cause may be for hiding one's smile, our staff at Lazzara Smiles sits down with every patient to determine what they want out of their smile and works with them in order to achieve that goal. We use the phrase all the time that orthodontics is more than just straight teeth because your smile holds a special kind of currency and should be treated as such!


Believe in your smile

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